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It took me many years to realise my calling. I know it’s cliché to talk about ‘a calling’, and I feel like a hypocrite considering that, in one of my books, Challenge & Improve, I railed against the very notion of finding one’s “calling”. But I will attempt to exonerate myself. By ‘calling’ I am not talking about the traditional meaning i.e. an inner spiritual urge to pursue a vocation. Rather, I am referring to a unique place where one’s passion, desires, knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience converge to form a distinct form of what I like to call ‘creative singularity’.  

I stumbled upon that unique spot in my mid-late thirties. Everything I had done until then: the successes, the challenges, the failures, the disappointments, the heartbreaks, the losses – all led to that unique place. And I have no regrets.  

To help you make sense of who I am without taking too much of your precious time, I will try to dissect my life into distinct categories and then show you how they all come together to form this unique construct I call 'creative singularity'.



I am lucky to have a wealth of experience as a professional and as an entrepreneur. I started my professional life as a management trainee in a mining conglomerate soon after graduating from university. By my mid-twenties I had ascended to management. I then joined the UK government where I served in various senior positions in Westminster. In between the different professional missions,  I took time out to study and try entrepreneurship. I founded various enterprises, from a fresh farm produce business to a consultancy firm to stock market trading – all with varying degrees of success and failure.



After graduating with a bachelor of science degree, I was hungry for more knowledge. I went on to acquire postgraduate qualifications in Information Technology, allowing me to hold senior technology-related positions in the UK public sector. I went back to study and received a Masters degree in Development Management. Still, I was not satisfied. I studied for an MBA at Warwick Business School where I fell in love with business, specifically entrepreneurship. Later, I would study various subjects through online and distance learning business programs (including the Stanford University Advanced Entrepreneurship Program. )



From a very young age, I had a passion for writing. Stories came to me naturally. I started writing at the age of about 10, and continued throughout my teenage years. I experimented with all kinds of writing, mostly fiction – westerns, movie scripts, plays, poems.  But, when my professional career took over, that passion was pushed below the surface where it remained dormant for many years.


Bringing it together

At some point in 2015, my passion for writing resurfaced, and I began writing. I was not sure what I wanted to write, so I wrote all the stories that came to me. However, most (over 150) were left unfinished because either I lost interest or a better story came up. In particular, I had an idea for a children’s book. I had never written kids books but I put aside most of 2016 to write it and was able to publish the book before the year end. It was not (still isn’t) a great book but publishing it made me realise what I was and wanted to be – a writer, a storyteller. But I needed to write about things for which  I had knowledge and experience. So I turned to business. But, my passion, still, was creating and writing fiction stories.  I teased out the idea of writing entertaining fiction stories about business and entrepreneurship. And just like that, Monkey Business (the book) was born.  You can find out more about the book here.


I hope to write more similar books – books that teach business through fiction. That is the way I will contribute to the collective good of humanity. But on this blog, I want to share with you useful knowledge, ideas and tips about entrepreneurship, business, and success in general. I look forward to engaging with you in constructive discussions about those topics and more.

Thanks for visiting my blog and buying my book(s). I promise to continue to do my part and make a difference by writing stories that entertain, challenge, and educate.


Author, Monkey Business


© Savania China, 2017 


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