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Over the last couple of years, I have been active on the entrepreneurship scene in London and Birmingham, attending various networking events and workshops (there are plenty of those around). Although I have met with many incredibly bright and talented people, I have also noticed a worrying pattern. Many ‘entrepreneurs’, it seems, are more interested in titles than in actually doing something or making a difference.

After introducing myself at these events, the typical spills I hear include:

“I am an entrepreneur. I have started this website to help small business with SEO”

“I am the founder of blah blah. We are developing a new platform that will become the Uber of ---”

“I am running webinars and seminars that will teach clients how to cr...

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Welcome to my blog. I hope you are here for the same reasons I write - to make a difference and to do something good, not just for yourself but for humanity. 

We all make a difference in our own unique ways. Some build global business empires that serve billions of people; others build small enterprises that serve their city, town, neighbourhood, village; others choose to volunteer and serve in various capacities. We all want to make a difference and we all want to succeed in whatever we choose to do.


I  make a difference through storytelling...

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