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In my latest book, Monkey Business – Highly Effective Principles of Entrepreneurial, Business, and Personal Success, I put forward a principle that you should never be afraid to paint your bananas blue. For those who are yet to read the book, ‘painting bananas blue’ is about sustained innovation, innovation that calls for continuous suggestions and trials and errors.

Based on the principles from the book, I am developing a Monkey Business Blueprint - a business planning and assessment framework that builds clear understanding of the business and creates a foundation for growth and success. The blueprint advocates simplicity when it comes to business planning, improvement and growth. Here, I want to share with you one such simple idea th...


Suppose you own or manage a burger takeaway. It costs £2 to make each burger, and you sell them for £4.

One day, an unusually busy Saturday afternoon, there is a minor problem with an order for a customer. Outside, the queue is getting longer and the customers growing restless. You have a dilemma. The burger is not a total disaster, you could serve it on, then pray or cross your fingers or touch wood in the hope that they not notice?  You could just throw it away and make another one? But you are not sure, and you feel the beady eyes of hungry customers, judgmental.  Of course, if one adheres to the adage that the customer is king (or queen!), it’s a no-brainer. But the question is –  what goes into your calculation of the ris...

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Welcome to my blog. I hope you are here for the same reasons I write - to make a difference and to do something good, not just for yourself but for humanity. 

We all make a difference in our own unique ways. Some build global business empires that serve billions of people; others build small enterprises that serve their city, town, neighbourhood, village; others choose to volunteer and serve in various capacities. We all want to make a difference and we all want to succeed in whatever we choose to do.


I  make a difference through storytelling...

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